Throughout his career spanning two decades, Marcel Chalhoub has build a solid reputation as being one of the leading, most technically advanced and creative drummers in the region. With his linear Funk style, expertise in electronics and unpredictable experimental nature, Marcel is no stranger to genre-bending and pushing the boundaries of music as we know it. Marcel released his solo debut album, JOIN THE CLUB, in December 2013 to critical acclaim. His upcoming follow-up effort, STARS LOVE THAT COOL LIFE, releases in 2014. Because his mastery of the instrument, Marcel was the first Lebanese drummer that hosted a drum clinic in his home town in May 6 2017.

Drumming credits: 
Recorded, Performed, Joined or jammed with:

Ziad Al Rahbany, Alecco Habib, 8e Art entertainmentShowtime, Jose Fernandez, Nadine Shehadeh (Soul Sister), Gilles Peterson (Laszlo Jones), Nader Mansour (Wanton Bishops), Chady Nachef’s band, Nabil Abdel Khaleh, Maya Diab, Stephanie Farhat, Stephanie Tasrini, Mehran (Pindoll), Elias Rahbany (Red), Alex Klam (Alex’s band), Mother Mantra, Elie Akl (The Brain), Xriss Jor, Ghassan khayat (Banana Cognacs), Elias S Njeim (Weeping Willow, N-Jam Music school), Music Hall’s band (Elefteriades), Walid Abdel Massih (Retro Active Beirut),  Epic &  Amadeus Awad.     

  • “Exceptionally talented solid Drummer/Musician. One of the best I personally met”. 

    Garo Gdanian
  • “A great teacher & a very creative player, a combination rare to find”.

    Elias Njeim
  • “I have played with Marcel and recorded multiple sessions for him as well. He’s one of the most musical, original, creative drummer in the middle east, period”.

    AJ Messara
    Guitarist & Sound engineer.
  • “One of the greatest drum artist of his generation” 

    Homsi Music Stores
  • “Marcel has been a customer of our Music store for over 18 years. His use of the Roland Handsonic HPD-15 and the octapad SPD-30 is very original. He’s without a doubt one of the most experienced musician in the region”.